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Two entrepreneurs, passionate about the sea, launch the first perfume inspired by surf, waves and the force of nature.


Barcelona, November 13, 2018 - Idil Bazán and Marc Conca, creators of Surfcity Festival, the international festival of contemporary surf culture in Barcelona, launched 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean -, this week. It’s the first author's perfume, by Agua de Surf, inspired by surf, waves and nature. A fragrance blended for the true lovers of the sea.

The couple surprises us again with this creation that arises from their passion for the sea aimed at conveying the sensations experienced when riding the waves. It’s a sensory experience that transports us to the wild coasts of all the planet’s oceans. After three years of study and research, the first fragrance of Agua de Surf comes to light: 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean -, which is the first of a unique collection inspired by the most representative oceanic regions of the surfing world. The other fragrances that will complete this special collection are 61SPO - South Pacific Ocean -, 45IO - Indian Ocean -, 32SAO - South Atlantic Ocean - and 57NPO - North Pacific Ocean -.

23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean -, it is a unisex perfume that evokes the irrational immensity of the seas reaching out to the coasts incessantly. Two worlds that converge with the salty aromas trapped by the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the terrestrial breeze that caresses its vegetation. 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean - is an ode to the sea, a perfume born out of experiences lived around the world in search of waves.

23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean - eau de parfum, is made entirely in Barcelona, the most important surf city in Europe. The way it has been created, with natural molecular ingredients from the North Atlantic Ocean, curated by the prestigious perfumer Ramón Monegal, along with the production methods used with hand-made pieces, made one by one, such as the cap or the packaging, make each perfume as unique as a wave.

Idil and Marc have counted on the master perfumer and "nose" Ramón Monegal, to capture all his experience and passion for the sea in the aromas of this new fragrance. Monegal, the fourth generation of the founders of the house of Myrurgia, belongs to the eclectic group of the most important perfumers in Spain.

Agua de Surf 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean - is now available in the best stores in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. And while it continues its expansion, it can be found online in all Europe at

Agua de Surf has a firm commitment to the environment and has developed a packaging that is 100% recyclable with papers from managed forests in a responsible manner. In addition, it allocates 1% of its profits to CRAM, the foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals.

Poetic description of 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean -:
North Atlantic ozonic molecules meekly touch your skin. Plankton streams crash violently against majestic statues carved with cedar wood. Adventures of overseas species that invade the depth of your being leave an everlasting mark. The brave sun and the subtlety of the gentle sea breeze. Ultimately, trying to describe this perfume is like trying to describe what it feels like to ride a wave.

Olfactory notes of 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean -:
Nobility of the oceanic gray amber
Fortress made of cedar wood.
Energy of the ozonic molecules of the sea breeze.
Serenity of sandalwood.
Vitality of bergamot.
Passion of black pepper.
Boldness of the sun and plankton chord.
Charisma of oud wood.
Balance of the vetiver of the islands.
Determination of nutmeg.
Adventure of overseas species.
Energy of amber wood molecules.
Well-being of cypriol with salvia esclarea of the coast.

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