Xué Gil

Photographer & video maker North Atlantic Ocean

Xué Gil is a photographer & videographer born and raised in Barcelona, who’s now traveling the world and trying to push the limits of his photography and videography.

When he first met surfing 8 years ago, his world and perception of life changed completely to the point that his life moves now mainly around this single sport. Few years later, when photography came to his life, he decided to quit his job in Barcelona and dedicate his life to photography and videography.

Influenced not only by the surf culture, but also skateboarding and contemporary art, his photography tries to bring new perspectives and feelings about the surf culture and all what he lives during his travels.

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Victor Castanera

Product designer Barcelona

Victor Castanera (Barcelona, 1990) is a product designer graduated from Elisava school of design in 2012 with an erasmus program at Politecnico di Milano(2014). He lives and works in Barcelona.

Focused on experimental and product design, he is interested on new techniques and materials that result into different and innovative objects, full of expressivity that is always visual and emotional. Also, influenced by mediterranean culture he finds his inspiration in nature and his passion for the sea. The result is a collection of objects and products that speak for themselves and try to do it in the simplest possible way.

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Edgar Flauw

Product designer Brest (France)

Marine universe, relationships, connections between human and sea, constitute the investigation territory of Edgar Flauw. He studied design at European Superior Art School of Brittany (EESAB). Since, he lives and works in Coat-Meal, near Brest (Brittany, France). Breton coasts became an extension of his workshop, they are both inspiration, raw matter in which he can draw and experimentation territory. The governing principle of its research is very linked to its surfer's experience, which he uses to imagine and make new things, uses, means of production, ways of living, thus exploring contemporary issues.

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Sea to sea by Edgar Flauw

The sea gives us an incredible variety of things, materials which have more or less spent time in it, at the waves, flows and storms mercy. We end up finding this material, the foreshore, on our beaches. This material, damaging for environment, is at best picked up and thrown away. At worst, it stays to stagnate on the seaboard, damaging wildlife. However, this material, shaped and spited out by the sea, can show some interests, just only by the diversity of materials, it is only about knowing how to take it like a gift sometimes. In Sea to Sea, this material is sent back to the sea as various riding objects. The designer selects the materials on the shore and he achieves the work engaged by ocean, machining and assembling this stuff in order to transcends it from pollutant to pleasure object. Tools shape the riding object and where they pass, the material renews itself. The object keeps marks from its life in the water, memory of the sea's work, and usually, those marks are located where the body makes contact, textures fulfilling so the grip. So, Sea to Sea proposes dialogue interfaces between human and sea.


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