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Laure Mayer

Longboarder and fashion designer Saint Jean de Luz & Byron Bay

Laure Mayer is a classic longboarder who has been living between her home town St Jean de Luz, Basque Country (FR) and the famous surfers town of Byron Bay, Australia for the past 8 years, chasing the endless summer & wave seasons.

She shares her time between surf travels to participate in alternative contests and developing her own surf-swimwear & wetsuits label -Lore of the Sea-. 
Designer and entrepreneur, in the field that she’s the most passionate about, she lives a life that many surfers could dream of, but trust us, she has worked hard to get there!

Growing up so close to Spain, Laure danced Flamenco for many years which surely influenced her unique style on the board.

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Xué Gil

Photographer & video-maker Donostia / San Sebastián

Xué Gil is a photographer & videographer born and raised in Barcelona, who's now traveling the world and trying to push the limits of his photography and videography.

When he first met surfing 8 years ago, his world and perception of life changed completely to the point that his life moves now mainly around this single sport. Few years later, when photography came to his life, he decided to quit his job in Barcelona and dedicate his life to photography and videography.

Influenced not only by the surf culture, but also skateboarding and contemporary art, his photography tries to bring new perspectives and feelings about the surf culture and all what he lives during his travels.

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Graphic and art designer Biarritz

Yoann Fournier is a 29 years old artist based in Biarritz. He is a Graphic and art designer mainly in the skateboarding and surfing industry.

Immersed in the punk scene and music garage, in skateboarding and surfing since his youngest age, turning into this artistic scene was a natural evidence for him. 

Apart from his numerous projects for various clients, he has kept on creating his own visual and graphic identity, which has eventually given birth to Kill your Ido, his signature work. His collages on paper made under this name successfully marry sad reality and utopia to sensually reflect his vision of the absurdity of this world. He draws his inspiration from various artists as well as a psychedelic, grunge and authentic culture. His motto is : no rules of perspective or proportions, he tears, cuts, glues and draws without any imposed constraints.

However, we detect a constant and conductive line: to have a vanishing point architecturallly speaking in order to plunge into a psychedelic unreal delirium, which therefore delivers a kind of loophole by revealing the erotic and colorful images  of his feelings of the moment.

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Victor Castanera

Product designer Barcelona

Victor Castanera (Barcelona, 1990) is a product designer graduated from Elisava school of design in 2012 with an erasmus program at Politecnico di Milano (2014). He lives and works in Barcelona.

Focused on experimental and product design, he is interested on new techniques and materials that result into different and innovative objects, full of expressivity that is always visual and emotional. Also, influenced by mediterranean culture he finds his inspiration in nature and his passion for the sea. The result is a collection of objects and products that speak for themselves and try to do it in the simplest possible way.

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That’s all Folks!

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