Allure The Opposite Sex: New Surf Inspired Perfume! by Stab Magazine

Text by JAKE EMBREY -Stab Magazine journalist-

Surfing is one of the world's most beautiful gifts. And I mean that in the most shallow sense imaginable. It embodies us in sun-kissed skin, gives us blonde-tipped locks, and adds a salty aura to our presence.

The one issue however is that it leaves you living in a repugnant stench, post-surf. The whiff of unwashed wetsuit, the lingering nose of a late-session piss, or at the very best, a salty, yet unkempt redolence. Going for a surf might feel like its equivalent to a shower, but ask anyone within sniffing distance and they'll vehemently disagree.

Usually we'd rely on the sea's opposites to combat the olfactory assault – floral perfumes, coconut body wash, and even the old roll on deodorant.
Agua de Surf, however, has a different idea. They want to fight fire with fire, or more frankly, stench with sea.

Likely inspired by Cosmo Kramer's own Calvin Klein scent, Beach, two gents have bottled their own love for the ocean's waft, the North Atlantic Ocean to be precise. "23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean, a perfume inspired by surf, waves, and nature."

Idil Bazán and Marc Conca, the two 'entrepreneurs' responsible for the scent, wanted to "convey the sensations experienced when riding the waves." And what they've (apparently) created is "a sensory experience that transports us to the wild coasts of all the planet’s oceans."

This isn't just another perfume brand partnered with our favourite surfers. This is a scent made from the sea to smell like it. 

Stupidly, you may have thought whipping up a perfume was a simple amalgamation of oils, alcohols, and a few pre-collected scents. But this perfume took "three years of research" and is the first in a line of ocean oriented odours –61SPO - South Pacific Ocean -, 45IO - Indian Ocean -, 32SAO - South Atlantic Ocean - and 57NPO - North Pacific Ocean.

Idil and Marc aren't some insensitive corporate big wigs either! They're enviro friendly, using a 100% recyclable package for the 100% unisex parfum. 

They've also made certain surfing is at their centre; "eau de parfum, is made entirely in Barcelona, the most important surf city in Europe" – a region renowned for it's world class waves. They've also kept the scent as natural as possible by only using "natural molecular ingredients" – as opposed to those vile unnatural molecules.

And if that isn't enough, each bottle is individually hand-crafted and no two caps are alike – just like real ocean waves!

While our senses are not fortunate enough to have experienced the scent themselves, Agua de Surf was kind enough to give us a list of both poetic and olfactory notes!

"North Atlantic ozonic molecules meekly touch your skin. Plankton streams crash violently against majestic statues carved with cedar wood. Adventures of overseas species that invade the depth of your being leave an everlasting mark. The brave sun and the subtlety of the gentle sea breeze. Ultimately, trying to describe this perfume is like trying to describe what it feels like to ride a wave."

If that paragraph doesn't summarise the essence of surfing, fuck knows what will. 

Buy! Buy! Buy! If you ever want to get laid again. 

Alternatively, bottle up a pint of brine and spray it on yourself before you assail the night.

Font: Stab Magazine November 2018.